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        Contact us

        Add: Xiamen Jimei North Industrial Zone, Tianfeng Road 215 (the first floor of the left and fourth floor)

        Tel: 0592-5236671

        Mobile: 13950182365

        Fax: 0592-3965599

        Contact: Mr. Wang

        E-mail: ch@xmxch.com.cn


        Precision cnc machinery parts
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        CNC-CNC - Machining precision parts
        Product detail

        Xiamen Xinchuanghui Industry & Trade Co.,Ltd.

        Add: No. 450, Tianfeng Road, Industrial Zone, Jimei North, Xiamen (4th Floor, 1st Floor & 1st Floor,)

        Tel: 0592-5236671 

        Mobile: 13950182365  13860188930

        Fax: 0592-3965599 

        Contact person: Mr. Wang 

        E-mail: ch@xmxch.com.cn  fj@xmxch.com.cn

        Website: http://www.xmxch.com.cn